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You can find student flats in London by using online resources such as Zoopla, Rightmove, or Spareroom.

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Finding student flats in London can be a daunting task, but thankfully, there are many online resources available to simplify the process. According to The Guardian, London is the most expensive city in the UK to study, with rent being a significant cost. However, with a bit of research and planning, you can find affordable student housing.

Here are some online resources to find student flats in London:

  • Zoopla: This website allows you to search for student properties in your preferred location and budget. You can refine your search by selecting the number of bedrooms, property type, and rent per month.
  • Rightmove: This website is another great platform to search for student flats. You can filter your search by location, property type, and price.
  • Spareroom: This website has a specific section for student accommodation. You can search for rooms, flats, or house shares based on your budget and location.

Apart from these resources, you can also check your university’s accommodation office for advice and recommendations. Some universities in London also offer their own student accommodation options.

According to Winston Churchill, “We shape our buildings, and thereafter they shape us.” It is essential to find the right student flat, as it can impact your academic and personal life. Here are some interesting facts about student accommodation in London:

  • London is home to over 40 universities and higher education institutions, making it a popular destination for international and domestic students.
  • According to a study by, the average rent for a student flat in London is £882 per month.
  • In recent years, there has been an increase in purpose-built student accommodation in London, providing modern facilities and amenities such as gyms, game rooms, and study spaces.
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In conclusion, finding student flats in London can seem challenging, but with online resources and some planning, it can be made easy. Ensure to find the right accommodation that suits your needs and budget.

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Lucy Stewart-Adams shares valuable tips and tricks for finding a student flat in central London. Researching online and setting a date to view properties in person are recommended, as good flats go quickly in student-popular areas. Additionally, two budgets should be considered to account for transportation costs, and factors such as location, number of flatmates, transport links, proximity to supermarkets, and bills should be taken into account. Overall, Lucy provides insightful information to ensure a successful search for a student flat in London.

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On you can easily find and compare student accommodation in London. We list around 40,000 rooms, studios and flats in hundreds of student properties across London. So whether you’re looking for a private studio or a flatshare, you’ll surely find it on

Here are some tips to find student residences in London and not waste too much time:

  • Access our search engine
  • Set your maximum budget
  • Set the date of entry and exit
  • Filter by residences and compare all prices and services included

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Also question is, How to find a flat to rent in London as a student? Where should I look? The University of London Housing Service has a database where approved letting agents and landlords can advertise their properties to students. When looking for accommodation you can also go directly to a letting agent.

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Considering this, How to find the best student accommodation in London? If you are one of the very fortunate ones and are looking for student accommodation in London, then you have landed at the right place.

  1. iQ Paris Gardens:
  2. Vita Student Lewisham Exchange:
  3. Grand Felda House:
  4. AXO Oxford Circus:
  5. McMillan Student Village:

How much is a student apartment in London? The answer is: As a general rule of thumb, you are looking at £500-£1,000 per month for a room in a house or flatshare, around £1000+ for a studio flat, and £1,500+ for a one-bedroom flat. Most of the time these prices do not include bills and you need to consider additional payments for internet, gas, electricity, and water.

In this way, How to search for student accommodation in UK? The answer is: is a completely free student accommodation service that offers you the widest range of university student rooms across the UK. Casita has over 160,000 rooms across 60 UK cities, all searchable by price, facilities and distance to your university.

Furthermore, Where can I rent a house in London as a student?
If you’ve already been living in London as a student, most likely in your university Halls of Residence, you’ll be getting familiar with the local area and may decide to find your student house around there. If this is the case, Zoopla lists more London rental homes than any other property portal, so check out what’s available.

Also asked, Is flat-sharing a good option for students in London? Answer to this: If you’re moving to London, flat-sharing may be an option you’re considering, especially in such an expensive city. We provide modern flats for students looking to live with other Londoners; from nights in the communal kitchen to nights out from the moment you arrive in London!

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Hereof, Can I rent a room in a shared house in London?
The reply will be: Alternatively to living in student halls, you may rent a room in a house or flat share – one of the most common types of accommodation in London, for both students and workers. Prices for rooms in a shared house or flat vary depending on the living conditions and location.

Why is student accommodation so popular in London? Student accommodation is very high in demand as small wonder, with over 50 universities calling London their home, including 9 of the world’s top 400 higher education institutions and 5 of the UK’s prestigious Russell Group of universities.

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