Quick answer to – does San Jacinto College have a football team?

Yes, San Jacinto College has a football team.

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Yes, San Jacinto College has a football team that competes in the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA). The team plays its home games at the Central Campus in Pasadena, Texas.

San Jacinto College football team, known as the San Jac Coyotes, have a history of success. They have won multiple conference titles and have made several appearances in bowl games, including the Citizen’s Bank Bowl and the Brazos Valley Bowl.

According to San Jacinto College’s official website, the football program emphasizes academic excellence and helping players prepare for the next level, whether that be transferring to a four-year university or pursuing a career in professional football. In fact, several San Jacinto College football alumni have gone on to play in the NFL, including Michael Badgley, Tyrie Cleveland, and Patrick Mahomes.

In addition to football, San Jacinto College offers a variety of other athletic programs for students. The college competes in the South Coast Conference and offers sports such as basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, volleyball, and track and field.


Name Conference Titles Bowl Appearances NFL Alumni
San Jac Coyotes Multiple Citizen’s Bank Bowl, Brazos Valley Bowl Michael Badgley, Tyrie Cleveland, Patrick Mahomes

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San Jacinto College offers a wide range of recreational activities and intramural sports for all students to participate in, from indoor games to outdoor activities, to charity events. The program emphasizes having fun, trying new things, and getting out of one’s comfort zone, while also providing benefits such as stress management and potentially higher grades. The college encourages all students to check their schedule of events on their website or social media platforms and join the Rec Sports movement.

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Team sports include flag football, ultimate Frisbee, soccer, softball, basketball, kickball, and many others.

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Does San Jacinto have a football team?
Answer: San Jacinto High School (CA) Varsity Football.
Is San Jacinto College Division 1?
Answer will be: San Jac competes in six National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) Division I teams: men’s basketball, soccer and baseball; and women’s basketball, softball, and volleyball.
Who is the football coach at San Jacinto College?
Answer will be: Casey Mazzotta –
Casey Mazzotta – Head Football Coach – Mt. San Jacinto College | LinkedIn.
What is the name of the athletic team at San Jacinto College?
As a response to this: The Coyotes clinched the regional title in a 3-1 victory over Bossier Parish…

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Interesting fact: San Jacinto College offers students an opportunity to complete classes in Basic, Intermediate, and Paramedic level emergency medical technology. The college also offers maritime trade and logistics education programs. [8]
Topic fact: The Central campus is in Pasadena, the North and South campuses are in Houston on Uvalde Road and Beamer Road respectively. The maritime campus is located in La Porte. The college opened its fifth campus at Generation Park in Houston in 2020. There are two extension centers in Webster, one at Clear Lake High School, two in Galena Park and one in Pasadena. [5]
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