How far is washington state university from seattle?

Washington State University is approximately 290 miles away from Seattle.

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Washington State University (WSU) is a well-known public research university located in Pullman, Washington. It is approximately 290 miles away from Seattle, the largest city in the Pacific Northwest.

According to the official WSU website, the distance between the two cities takes about 4.5 to 5 hours by car, depending on traffic, road conditions, and weather. Alternatively, one can take a flight from Seattle to Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport, which takes only around an hour.

WSU was founded in 1890 and has grown to become one of the top research universities in the United States. The university offers over 200 undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree programs across eleven colleges and schools. WSU is also home to the largest Honors College in the state.

Here are some interesting facts about WSU:

  • WSU has a student population of more than 30,000, including international students from over 100 countries.
  • The university is known for its research in agriculture, engineering, and veterinary medicine, as well as its contributions to the development of the global wine industry.
  • WSU is a member of the Pac-12 Conference in athletics and has a strong tradition in football and men’s basketball.
  • The WSU mascot is a cougar, and the school colors are crimson and gray.
  • Famous WSU alumni include former NFL player and current ESPN analyst Ryan Leaf, actor and comedian Joel McHale, and musician and producer B.J. Thomas.

In conclusion, while WSU may be quite a distance from Seattle, it is worth the journey to visit this renowned public research university and experience its rich academic and athletic traditions.

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| WSU Fast Facts |
| Location | Pullman, Washington |
| Founded | 1890 |
| Student Population | 30,000+ |
| Mascot | Cougar |
| Colors | Crimson and Gray |
| Colleges and Schools | 11 |
| Famous Alumni | Ryan Leaf, Joel McHale, B.J. Thomas |

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I’m sorry, there is no transcript excerpt provided for the video titled “What’s It Like Inside University of Washington? | UW Campus Crawl Tour”. However, based on the notes provided, it can be summarized that the video provides a tour of the University of Washington’s campus, highlighting its iconic libraries, sports culture, and new classrooms. The tour also includes a visit to the Maple Hall residence building, which features a “makerspace” and a cafeteria with healthy options. The Susilo M. Allen library is showcased as the most iconic building on campus, boasting a giant study hall, Harry Potter-like room, and a database of over two million books.

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How far apart are university of Washington and Washington State? As an answer to this: How far is it from Washington State University to University of Washington? The distance between Washington State University and University of Washington is 251 miles. The road distance is 292.3 miles.

Can I get into WSU with a 2.7 GPA? The reply will be: U.S. high school students who: – Are ranked in the top 10 percent of their high school class OR – Who have a cumulative GPA of 3.60 or better (on 4.0 scale) are assured admission to WSU.

Beside above, What is the closest major airport to Washington State University? Response will be: Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport
We recommend flying into Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport.

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Herein, What city is Washington State University located in? The response is: PullmanWashington State University / City
WSU is truly a statewide institution, with a presence in every county in the state. Campuses are located in Pullman, Spokane, the Tri-Cities, Vancouver, and in Everett.

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